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How to Set Up Your Résumé

It’s important to set up your resume and format your text and font correctly.  Your font selection won’t make or break your resume.  However, a good font can indeed help your resume look professional and clean overall.

Having a clean overall format with enough spacing between sections is imperative in resume writing. Don’t try to place as much content as you can on your resume. Often times I have seen them stuffed with as much content as humanly possible.  When it comes to one’s career documents sometimes less is better!

There is a bit of leeway when choosing your font. Assuming everything else checks with your overall career background, experience and education, a pleasant looking font certainly can’t hurt.  Helvetica is a nice clean font that’s easy on the reader’s eyes. I haven’t come across too many resumes that use it.  There are other fonts that would work nicely as well.  Book Antiqua and Calibri are great ones to try out and there is nothing wrong with Times New Roman.

Make sure you place the proper size of the font, regardless of which one you choose.  I would not suggest any smaller than 10.5 font. I’d be would not recommend going any smaller than that.  You don’t want to over stuff the resume with extra words so you will be forced to make the font smaller.


You can utilize different fonts for several parts of your career documents, but limit it to two different fonts.  Utilize the bold and italicized feature instead of shifting between the fonts.  Your header font should be a size larger, but otherwise you shouldn’t use a huge font.  When typing your resume, your text should always be in showed in black.  Many times job seekers leave the hyperlinks to their email in blue.  Just make sure you leave it a solid black color.

Your header should be centered at the top of your page and your resume should be aligned to the left margin.  When you are setting up your page it should have one inch margins with two point line spacing. When you are creating your heading ensure this section includes your contact information to include your name, address, phone number and email.

There are three main formats for creating a resume.  Depending on your career background and the type of position your targeting will determine the type of format you should utilize.

Chronological resumes are used for presenting a steady growth in a specific career sector. These formats are best when used for a job seeker applying to a position in their career field and showing increased responsibility.

Functional resumes are always focused on skills rather than work history.  These types of resumes are best used for people who have gaps in their work history.

The third resume type is a Combination resume and is basically a combination of both a chronological and functional resume.  If you have grown a particular skill set from working in a range of fields, then this is the best format for you to use.

If this is a chronological resume, your positions should be listed in a chronological format and listing your recent position first.   Ensure you include the name of the organization, its location, your job title and your duties while working there, accomplishments and the dates you were employed there. In order to showcase your position in each job, list your title first.  At any rate, be consistent in listing your job positions. Ensure you write a major career highlight with a concise description of what your accomplishment was in the position.

Next you will provide your education history.  Just like your jobs, you should list all of your education in a chronological order.  List all your college degrees or trade schools you may have completed.  If you graduated and have a degree, ensure you list the year, type and name of the degree you earned.  If you haven’t graduated yet, purely state the program and the expected graduation date.

After you’ve listed the most important information such as your career background and education, you can then list the other important fields.  Construct a section title “Skills” with a list of important special skills you may possess.

Maybe you’re bilingual and speak more than one language, place those languages here. Also make sure to note if you have an intermediate or advanced level of knowledge. Maybe you’re well versed in a particular area of work that other job seekers may not be, list it here.

This is just a general overview of how to set up your resume.  I will go in more depth at a later date on each section and how to set it up.


Military “Vetrepreneur” Success Story

This week Dannielle Ramos Rash, M.S., CPRW, Founder of First Class Résumés & Career Services was featured on

Below is the write up:

Dannielle Ramos Rash, M.S., CPRW, Founder of First Class Résumés & Career Services, understands what veterans are going through when transitioning into the civilian workforce.

As a fourth generation Army veteran that lives the Army values and has a vast knowledge of military organizations she has walked a few miles in their boots.  Growing up with parents who encouraged her to “Be All you Can Be”. She flourished in her academics and holds an extensive military background.  With over twenty years of experience in the human resources field and serving in the Army; Dannielle founded First Class Résumés in 2013 to provide dynamic resumes & career documents for veterans around the globe.


Prior to Dannielle being a “Vetrepreneur” she facilitated weekly military decoration boards, and mentored Soldiers to place them in special careers at the United States Army Human Resources Command. She had always been the go to person, in an unofficial role, to assist others in writing their resumes and career documents.  After being laid off due to a Base Realignment and Closure and her son diagnosed with Autism she knew becoming a business owner would be ideal for herself and her family.

Over the last eight months, Dannielle has had some incredible opportunities as a business owner.  Some of the highlights include winning two Capital One Business Pitch competitions; the first with Empowered Women International, and the second with The Women Veteran Entrepreneur Corps.  She had the chance to write resumes with military veterans at Google Headquarters in Washington D.C. and is an awardee of Count Me In’s renowned 9 month Business Accelerator Program.  Dannielle’s passion for her brothers and sisters in arms is what drove her to work alongside veterans.  This passion continues to enable her to thrive in her next mission.

Training and education has always been an important aspect in her life. As a result, Dannielle has been recognized both as a Soldier and a civilian receiving numerous military decorations, service awards as well as leadership and achievement awards.

Dannielle Resume

However, her greatest awards come from those she has inspired through her own story of commitment, courage and excellence, that they too can, “Be All you Can Be.”

Dannielle is the Principal writer of First Class Résumés & Career Services, a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) and member of Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches. The next time you or someone you know needs a Professional Resume Writer, send them to First Class Resumes and remember, they stand by their motto and promise to design and deliver dynamic résumés to win interviews by “Taking YOU Higher to get Hired”!

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Top 5 Do’s of LinkedIn!

Let’s face it, LinkedIn is known as one of the largest professional social network sites! Professionals come together from all fields and are able to build relationships and showcase their knowledge and experience.  It’s also a great place where companies can highlight their organization to prospective clients and prospective employees. To assist you with getting started on LinkedIn we have listed our top 5 Do’s of LinkedIn.

1.       Professional Headshot

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can have a huge impact on your profile and its overall appearance.  Don’t leave the photo area blank, nobody wants to see a ghost image of you.  More importantly they want to ensure to connect with the right individual.  One of the biggest mistakes I see is having no photo at all.  Believe it or not, you are more likely to have your profile viewed when having a photo listed.

Unfortunately, people assume there must be something wrong if there is no photo at all. Others are cautious about connecting with someone if they don’t have a photo, as it may be a fake profile.  In addition, let’s say you leave a networking event with a bunch of business cards.  You get home and jump on LinkedIn to follow up. The person you link to may be the wrong person because they have no photo listed and it may lead to a missed connection.  But above all, keep it to a professional headshot.   Don’t put up a picture of you with your spouse, child or cat! Instead, place a professional headshot of yourself.

2.       Join Groups

Try to join at least 40 groups.  If you join 40 groups, you still have leeway to add more if you are interested in another group at a later date. Joining groups are how you get things accomplished on LinkedIn.  Don’t just join LinkedIn and not join groups, throw yourself out there! What’s the worst thing that could happen? Others will get to know you by joining groups.

3.       Participate in discussions

Don’t just join the groups, but rather participate in them!  Nobody likes a lurker, jump in there and participate.  Share articles, post discussions and share your opinions on a regular basis. Ensure your comment or article is of value to the group.  Ask for advice and discuss a topic that is relevant to the group.  This will also engage others in the group to participate in the discussion and group.

4.       Networking

Build your network as much as you can.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any interest in networking with an individual who invites you into their network.  They may have a person in their network that you have an interest in, but you won’t know unless you add them! When you connect to them it then gives you access to that network of people.  The more connections you have, the more likely it is that someone you want to connect with will be in the network.



5.       Update, Update, Update.

Make sure you are continually updating your profile.  Your position may be changing as well as your needs. Ensure you don’t keep the same phrases in your profile and make updates.  It’s essential to keep all of your profile information up-to-date.

I encourage you to apply the 5 strategies above to build your following on LinkedIn.  LinedIn is an excellent tool to add to your professional arsenal.

Dannielle Ramos Rash is the Founder and Principal Writer at First Class Résumés & Career Services. She is an Army Veteran and a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) as well as a member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches.  Dannielle provides powerful résumés & career documents for job seekers around the globe.

If you would like a complimentary resume review, feel free to forward your resume to  If you would like to stay in touch, please “like” us on Facebook.