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Job Search Plan for 2015

Job Search
Job Search

Now that the ball has dropped, you have made your New Year resolutions in taking the next step in your career and 2015 will be the year to remember let’s get started! Assuming your goal for the New Year is to obtain a new job, you need to design and develop a plan to ensure your success.  Finding a new job takes time and the following is a course of action to prepare to land that job in the coming year. So let’s start 2015 off on the right foot and consider adding the following to your list of resolutions:


Ensure you define your goals and having a plan to reach them.  Be specific about your plan and have actionable steps.  Think back about the positions you’ve held in the past and assess your knowledge, skills and strengths.  You can’t reach the end goal if you don’t know where you’re going. Be mindful about setting weekly goals and hold yourself accountable to those goals.  Write down your plan and measure your progress.


Since it’s a new year, it’s imperative to organize your job search.  It’s important to have the appropriate tools in your job search tool box.

Let’s start with your resume.  Is it up-to-date and ready?  Have you had someone else proofread it?  Having another set of eyes is vital to ensure you have no grammatical errors or typos.  Know who you will utilize for references, and make certain you have their accurate contact information.  This will ensure you have the correct tools in your tool box and can enable you to get your foot in the door so you have an opportunity to sell yourself to the employer.


We all know this is the most significant step you can do in your job search.  Nearly 80% of positions are filled through networking than any other combined.  If you didn’t know, online job postings receive hundreds of responses.  That’s a lot of resumes! How will you stand out and be noticed?

By networking you will be able to receive an internal contact to pass your resume to the hiring manager.  When you network it assists you in building and identifying those internal contacts.  Networking involves a large amount of listening.  Meet with someone at the organization to learn more about their culture, the industry and the types of positions they offer.  Make it a goal to add 5 to 10 connections each week! It truly makes a difference.



Think about the organizations are you most interested in working for.  Which organizations are typically hiring for the roles you’re considering?  What organizations fascinate you the most? What organizations are in your area and how far is the commute?

Start devising a list and then research those organizations to learn more about them.  To direct your job search efforts utilize your list.  Next you will organize and prioritize your list based on where you have contacts and LinkedIn connections.


If you’re missing significant skills on your resume and career documents, volunteer a few hours per week to acquire them.  Many nonprofits need the assistance and are always seeking volunteers.  This would give you an opportunity to develop and enhance your skills.  Think of it as a great investment to add more skills to your resume.  Not only does this add valuable skills but it also shows your initiative.  What employer doesn’t favor an employee that takes initiative?


Be careful what you post on your social media platforms.  Many hiring managers do a search and check candidates online. Be mindful about what you post on your Face book, Instagram, Twitter pages, or any other social media pages.  Keep in mind that a potential employer may see it.  If you don’t want your grandma to see or read it, don’t post it!  Always put your best foot forward and you will have no issues!

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You shouldn’t have any grammatical errors or typos in your resume or career documents.  This is a huge mistake and shows a lack of attention to detail. This is extremely vital and can be the thing that has your resume thrown in the trash pile and not the “interview pile”.  Finally don’t brag about your attention to detail when your letter has obvious typos.


Nowadays there are hundreds of candidates for each open position, and sometimes more!  How will you differentiate yourself?  Always focus on how you can meet the employer’s needs and what you can do for them, not what they can do for you. Focus on how you can assist within their organization.  What knowledge, skills and abilities do you bring to the table?  How can you make a difference within their organization?


Finally hiring managers always remember when candidates send them a thank you note.  Ensure you stand out and send them a handwritten thank you letter.  Most people value their time, so a “Thank You” for taking time out of their busy day can go far!

Now is the ideal time to revamp your approach as your pursue new career opportunities in 2015! Design a plan and implement it today and there’s a great chance you’ll be ringing in the New Year and celebrating with a new job!

Which of the above will you add to your career search strategy?

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