Hiring managers are always seeking a resume that leaps out at them.  They are looking to be impressed!  When they read your resume, they want to ensure you are the best candidate for the position.  They want to be able to do this before ever setting eyes on you!

Think it’s impossible? It’s not!

The initial step in landing your dream job is to write a perfect resume and cover letter! There probably won’t be an interview without those two career documents!  We know that your resume becomes your calling card and places you in the front when job hunting.  It’s a career document that’s a few pages, skillfully written and contains information that’s all about you and your career background.  Your resume will either place you front and center in the hiring managers hands, or it will not— there is no middle ground.





If you’re a serious job seeker, you continue to tailor your resume to the position you will be applying to.  This way you can conquer the never ending “resume” paper trail.  Your resume writing skills will become outstanding and your resume will be fine tuned. You will learn to market and sell yourself with simple and effective words.  Never again will your resume ever be placed at the bottom of any pile, but rather at the top!

For starters, you want to make a decision to abandon any former knowledge learned about the “rules” of resume writing.  People usually become stuck in “bad” writing habits.  Many job seekers have never written a resume ever in their life.  Perhaps it’s been a while since you last wrote your resume and much has been changed over the years. It should be, since the career trends change through the years.




For years, job seekers have been told that to be most effective, a resume should be only one page.  This just does not apply any longer!  Today’s resume is original and distinctive.  Aside from the most critical and key elements, a resume should reflect the individuality and need of the job seeker and not be some cookie cutter version of what is “acceptable and expected.”

Resumes and cover letters have changed dramatically, but only so far as the job seeker has the artistic expression and know-how to pull it off!  That’s the difference.  Day after day hiring managers read standard resumes.  They are required to go through each and every one!  However, which one will catch their eye?  Will it be yours?


creative resume

Correct formatting in resumes and cover letters has expanded, too.  When you consider your resume will be your own, personalized form of marketing yourself, this lends itself to all manner of uniqueness and expression.  Once more, so long as the essential elements are included in each resume and cover letter, you are at total freedom to make certain that your resume will impress the human resources representative.

But just how, exactly does one do this?  First off, let’s learn about the most basic principles involved in writing a highly effective resume.  Once you have this down, the creative juices can flow!

The most central intention in writing your resume will be to get noticed among the sea of applicants!  You want to stand out as not just a good candidate but as “THE ONE” that is perfect for the job you want!  Considering that next to your well written resume, not even one hundred other resumes will be written as well as yours, you can see the odds will be in your favor!  Your job is to write a resume that will compel to a perspective hiring manager to notice your professional career experience and credentials.  If you can master this technique, the rest will be a piece of cake!


Dannielle Ramos Rash is an Army Veteran and Founder of First Class Resumes & Career Services. is a Certified Federal Job Search Trainer (CFJST), Certified Federal Career Coach (CFCC), Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.  Dannielle provides dynamic resumes & career documents for job seekers around the globe. 

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