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Transitioning Military and Veterans have a huge range of skill sets.  They have acquired a wealth of knowledge, skills and competencies from serving our country.  The training and education that they received during their military service is transferable to those skills being sought by the companies and organizations looking to hire.  In addition to these valuable skills, the Veteran brings a unique sense of leadership and teamwork to any organization!

Veterans also understand the commitment to achieving organizational objectives and goals.  In addition, they have demonstrated the ability to work effectively and efficiently within multi-cultural environments. So when an organization hires a Veteran, they are bringing an individual on who is committed to serving both an organization and this nation through their continued service.

Prior Military personnel also have technical skills in highly sought out arenas, such as; IT, Communications, Security and Medical technology to name a few.  Many Veterans also hold the required security clearances that are needed for some government contract and Federal positions.


The typical military transition process should be started as far out as 24 to 18 months, don’t wait until you are out!  Many transitioning military don’t get the chance to start up their transition this far in advance. If given the chance to jump start the transition process, take full advantage of the time to get your ducks in a row, so you are well prepared.

Many Veterans join the service young, maybe even straight out of high school.  They may serve 20 years or more and then retire. Perhaps they haven’t served that long and had just never had to write a resume or career document ever!  So the first thing they want to do is create, update, and tailor their resume.


When they sit down to write their resume & career documents, there is so much they have achieved & accomplished while serving their country. I always suggest  to gather all your evaluation reports, service awards and letters of commendations.  Include all documents that speak about themselves all throughout their military career.


Some may already know if they want to stay in the same field and pursue opportunities within that field.  Still many Veterans may want to make a career change. Veterans need to figure out what career they want to target when they transition out of the military. It would behoove them to have a target for their job search needs. This will ensure their resume will showcase their career highlights and will make them shine in their job search. Hands down the most important thing that a Veteran can do to improve their chances are:

  1. Tailor their resume to the actual position that they are applying to. I can’t stress that enough.  One should not just have one general resume to distribute to all the jobs he/she may be applying to.
  2. I usually recommend to Veterans to think about what they have done in the past 10 to 15 yrs and have them create one master resume/career document. From that master document they will be able to take and insert the information to create a resume they tailor to each position that they are applying to.

So the easiest way I tell people to do it is to take their master document and pull apart the job announcement that they are planning to apply to.  Go through that job announcement and develop some industry keywords and phrases for that particular position, next you will include those keywords & phrases into your new resume.  The reason they need to do this is to ensure that their resume will pass through the applicant tracking system that many organizations are utilizing nowadays in order to weed out hundreds of applicants.

Many Veterans have been out of the workforce for a bit and they probably have not had the experience of getting their resume passed through a computerized applicant tracking system.  Since Veterans have been out of the job search for a few years now, they have not had to write their own resume or apply to a job before. They also may not be aware of the latest resume trends and have a tough time figuring out how to tailor a resume.



Cover Letters just like the resume should speak to the job announcement as well! This is a key piece of information that many job seekers don’t take the time to do.  What I tell my clients is to do your homework.  Find out what the hiring manager or the Human Resource managers name is.  Ensure to include their name on the cover letter and address the cover letter to that person.

This will show them that you actually took the time to do the research and learn about the organization. This is one sure fire way to stand out in your cover letter! Many job seekers utilize the generic “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN”.  This may not get you noticed.  Start off your cover letter with an introduction with a few sentences and then add some bullet points to compliment your resume.

In the end, the qualities a Veteran has includes respect for others, pride, honesty and a sense of belonging, it enables Veterans to adapt into any organization. Many transitioning service members and Veterans are eager to serve. Let’s face it the military instills discipline and work ethic into them from day one!  Follow these job search tips and you will landing interviews before you know it!

If you still have any questions regarding your resumes or federal application process feel free to drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you!

Dannielle Ramos Rash is an Army Veteran and Founder of First Class Resumes & Career Services.  http://www.first-classresumes.com/She is a Certified Federal Job Search Trainer (CFJST), Certified Federal Career Coach (CFCC), Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.  Dannielle provides dynamic resumes & career documents for job seekers around the globe. 


Top 10 Job Search Trends of 2014

Have you decided to take your job search to the next level this year? Then you should know these latest trends that will have an impact on your job search in 2014!  Improve your job search game by staying ahead of the latest trends and understanding what employers are seeking.  Check out these job search trends of 2014 and hopefully you will land the job you’ve always wanted!


In 2014 you’ll need to become more tech-savvy.  We saw the rise of the mobile job search in 2013 and we’re not just talking about your LinkedIn profile or tweeting several times a day.  Ensure you have perfected an electronic version of your résumé so that it can easily be submitted to hiring managers.  By doing this, it will ensure you’re prepared for your next opportunity that comes along your way.  Hold on to your pants, because this year the job search will become more digital than ever. 


This trend is already here and will continue to rise!  Mobile Apps seem to be the wave of the future for applying for jobs!  Careerbuilder.com has a free iPhone app, where users are able to perform a search for jobs available by using keywords, salaries and descriptions.  Another free app available is The Career Search by LinkUp.  This app allows users to perform a search of job available and research careers. 


Working remotely will be the norm.  Talented employees don’t have to work in a traditional work setting and employers are beginning to notice.  Agencies are recruiting people and extending them the option to work from home. 


In addition to working remotely, more jobseekers are choosing to become freelancers.  There has been an increase of workers deciding to freelance their services.  This trend will only increase in numbers over the next 10 years.  Freelance work is becoming a popular trend of employment for job seekers. 


This seems to be another trend there is going to be more emphasis on.  Recruiters are continually checking social media to research candidates.  Ensure you are presenting oneself on these platforms in a good light, as it may affect your job search.  Companies are also taking advantage of video interviews via Skype to screen the best candidates for their company.  Not only is your online presence going to matter during your job search, but the way you utilize technology will as well.


Don’t just copy and paste your résumé into LinkedIn.  Your LinkedIn profile should be a complement to your résumé. Your profile is used to connect with people in your network and that is how they will find you on LinkedIn.   Your profile should be more engaging than a résumé and therefore should be more personal.  Don’t forget to be creative in your summary and show passion, motivation and personality!


Ensure to utilize Twitter for following companies you’re interested in with job opportunities.  You can locate job postings and follow companies to learn more if you would like to pursue opportunities with them. Unlike other websites recruiters can post job announcements on Twitter for free!


Hiring Managers are requesting writing samples for most professional jobs.  Employers are placing a high value on written communication as they screen candidates.  Candidates are required in some instances to submit writing samples even for internships. In addition, they may be asked to send a writing sample in addition to a résumé or bring with them in a job interview. 

Job Search


Recruiters are plagued with an assortment of technologies and crunched for time.  The standard résumé review was roughly 20 seconds, now 5 seconds is the norm.   It’s imperative to match your résumé to each job announcement to connect with the employer and the position. Hiring managers have more candidates to evaluate in their search for the perfect employee to their need for talent. Your goal is to reach the top of the candidate list, not get your career document thrown in the trash pile.


Follow-up letters are becoming more common sent via email, typically within 24 hours of an interview.  Candidates that want to stand out and be remembered should reference key points uncovered during their interview.  The idea is to stand out from the hundreds of candidates applying for the same position.

A candidate’s job search will continue even if they are gainfully employed.  A job seekers job search doesn’t end after they land a job.  Regardless of your current status, your job search will continue.  A great candidate is continually seeking new positions and opportunities, regardless if they are happily employed. We don’t know what opportunities will present themselves in 2014, so candidates need to be open to opportunities.  So keep these trends in mind when searching for your next dream job!